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3 Questions that Will Help You Find a House You LOVE

There’s something magical about coming home to a house you LOVE. If you’ve ever lived in that kind of house, you know it feels like a perfect fit, almost like part of your family. It’s the house we drive by long after we’ve moved. It’s not necessarily the fanciest or the one with the best location. The kitchen may have been dated. The outside may have needed painting. But it’s a house that felt like HOME!
Sometimes, the prospect of house hunting is so overwhelming that we forget what we loved exactly. Here are three questions to ask to help you zero in on what to look for!

  1. What do you love doing at home?

Think about the things you do at home, the events you host, your hobbies, and your interests. Do you love to curl up with a book? Do you host the annual Superbowl party? Is grilling out the highlight of your summer? Make a list of the home-based activities that bring you the most joy. And then, make a list of the home features that you need to do those things—a cozy nook, a home theater room, a beautiful patio.

  1. Who needs to feel at home in your house?

It’s surprising how often people buy houses to accommodate friends or relatives that visit once a year. Instead of buying for the rare visitor, think about who needs to feel at home in your house on a consistent basis. If your spouse is a woodworker, there probably needs to be a good workshop. If your house is the place for sleepovers, then look for a killer bonus room.Your father-in-law’s love of epic family ping pong tournaments over the Thanksgiving weekend can probably figure less prominently.

  1. What home features feel special and complement your lifestyle?

A pool is a great feature. But you never use it, it’s simply an expense. A six burner Viking range is perfect for the gourmet home cook, but if you always eat out, there’s likely something else you’d fancy. Just because your mom or best friend would love a house doesn’t mean it’s the house for you. Ask yourself what features you’ve always daydreamed about. It doesn’t matter if a house doesn’t have certain “must-have” features. If it has the things that fit your lifestyle, it’s a fit!