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Jeff Stewart


From the mountains of NC, Jeff Stewart has been making waves since ABC preschool.
As a nontraditional learner, Jeff has been thinking outside of the box from day one and this ability to pivot, though once his Achilles’ heel, has proved to be the foundation of setting new industry standards and disrupting the status quo. When it comes to redefining customer service and value propositions to his friends and clients (often the same), Jeff feeds on a challenge and creates opportunity.
After excelling at sports in high school and then making his way into the cycling industry with an innovative product that reset the landscape of pro cycling components, Jeff found himself given an opportunity to launch an online cycling business with two mentors. This quickly became a go-to in the industry for component expertise and customer service.

Upon learning of the real estate market crash in 2008, Jeff packed his bags and moved back to NC. After a less than desirable 2+ years couch surfing, Jeff founded “Broker Asheville” on the premise that quality, customer service and competitive advantage can create wins for everyone we touch. Within 6 years of entering the market, Broker Asheville was #1 in the MLS and growing. Seeking to positively impact more people and continue the ripple effect, Jeff moved into the CEO role managing 5 KW locations here in NC. Though not personally opening doors any longer, Jeff remains passionately connected with the systems, processes and talent on the team to make sure that we are exceeding expectations at every intersection. “If you have to ask for something, we are too late.”
We welcome the opportunity to create a win for you and your family and look forward to doing so through the talented people, processes and our community with Broker Asheville.

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