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Broker Asheville Nerds Out!

House Thinking
Do you ever wonder why some houses just feel good? Or what kind of bedroom makes for the best sleep? In House Thinking, Winifred Gallagher examines the psychology of home, and explores how we live room-by-room. We’re not kidding when we say this is a page-turner. It offers some interesting historical and architectural insight. But you also get tips for how to create the feeling you want to experience when you open the front door!
Asheville House History
Asheville might be home to America’s largest historic home. But that’s only the beginning of the Asheville’s love affair with house history. For a nerdy day date, check out the tours offered at Smith-McDowell House or Thomas Wolfe Memorial. Or might we suggest doing some research about the history of your house. Here’s how!
99% Invisible
This podcast isn’t just about houses. It’s really about architecture and design. Get it? 99% of architecture is invisible. But host Roman Mars helps listeners see how design shapes our lives in ways we don’t realize. Our favorite episodes explore the history of lawns and secret staircases.
Fixer Upper
Nerds have guilty pleasures, too. This HGTV reality television show is popular for a reason. Chip and Joanna are house geniuses. They help buyers see spaces in totally new ways, and they prove that you can turn the most terrible features into something truly awesome! Plus, they’re southern. We’re southern. Win. Win.
Culpepper’s Otto Depot
Granted, Culpepper’s is a store. But it’s also part museum, part gallery, and part hidden gem. That’s why it’s one of our favorite places to dork out. The Otto Depot is constantly acquiring new architectural salvage. One week, you might find the entire holdings of a turn of the century ship—flags, hinges, even the ship’s wheel. The next week, an intact moonshine shack will be waiting outside for the perfect buyer. There’s no better place for taking a trip back in time than the Depot.