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Joanna Baker is an outstanding Buyers Specialist with Broker Asheville at Keller Williams

Broker Asheville’s mission is to be the superior REAL ESTATE SOLUTION in the Asheville market, focused on high customer satisfaction levels & committed to overachieving objectives, while attaining optimal success in all facets of operations.

Joanna Baker is an outstanding Buyers Specialist! Her decade of work in community relations and organization administration allows Joanna to bring to the job an excitement to connect people with their next home.

Here is what our clients are saying about Joanna:

  • We worked with Joanna Baker and she was extraordinary. She is so professional and yet gave us a very personal experience buying a home. She’s super smart and even-keeled and astutely understood our dynamic as a couple quickly and met all our needs. She worked diligently and faithfully for us for many months. We cannot properly express how excellent she was. Thank you, Joanna!?
  • My husband and I worked with Joanna Baker and the Jeff Stewart team to find our dream house in Asheville and that is exactly what we did! Joanna was not only knowledgeable about the market, but efficient about finding the right place and brilliant at negotiating to make it ours. My husband and I flew into town on a Thursday. We drove around and did some “drive bys” per Joanna’s suggestion that afternoon (by the way, it was Labor Day Weekend!). The next day we went back to the houses we liked and toured the inside. By the end of the day we had it down to two. By the end of the evening, we had decided upon the one. Offer was in the next day and after a few rounds of negotiations, I think it was accepted after 24 hours. And just like that, we had found a house that had everything we were looking for!??

    On top of that, Joanna was FUN and sweet. She invited us to her and her husband’s brewery (Noble Cider) afterwards and immediately made us feel a part of the Asheville community.

    Jeff Stewart’s Broker Asheville team was responsive and helpful every step of the way. I would suggest to anyone wanting to buy or sell a home in Asheville to use them. Thanks everyone!

  • Joanna Baker is a Rock Star Agent! She took the time and helped us to make a decision as we researched areas in NC we would like to relocate to. Joanna is very knowledgeable in all the counties we looked! Joanna arranged a quick closing!
  • Joanna Baker guided us through the entire process. We were greatly impressed that she went the extra mile in solving what might have become the deal breaker – a septic tank with a large maple tree growing right over it, preventing an inspection of the septic system. Joanna did not flinch but stuck with it like a junk yard dog. If we ever sell or buy again, we will only do business with Joanna Baker.

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